22 Apr 2006 : Technical trouble solved (hopefully!)
OK, after looking around we found the major problem of the site. It's fixed now. If you come by any other problems, please notify us at

22 Apr 2006 : Moved
We moved servers but are still experiencing some technical trouble. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

31 Dec 2005 : Happy new year!
The FantasyLibrary librarians want to wish all of you a wonderful and magical 2006!

25 Aug 2005 : And another very active user!
It seems some good people have found this site. Because again we want to thank a user that has hyperactively been adding books to the site. Thank you Stephen Griffin Jr for adding so many books already! Great work!

21 Aug 2005 : 400 books!
Thanks to all of you adding new books, we have now reached a wonderful 400 books in our database. Of course, looking at how many books are out there, this doesn't seem like much, but considering the amount of work that goes into adding all these books, we feel it's definately an achievement already. And lately, a few of our users have been adding new books on a daily basis! So more books for the site. Thanks to all of you for adding new books.

latest books
Robot Blues
Various Authors
Mag Force 7, The finest group of mercenaries ever to assemble in King Dion Starfire's domain. Their staunch loyalty to each other and themettle of the...
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Silver Stallion, The
James Branch Cabell
Nine Barons ruled Poictesme under their liege lord Count Manuel. But now Manuel has vanished mysteriously, the Fellowship is broken, and nine wanderin...
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De dagdromer
Edmund Cooper
Een jongen groeit op na de grote oorlog..waarin alle techniek verloren is gegaan. Techniek is nog steeds een taboe..maar het land waar hij woont wordt...
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