Stefan Koopmanschap
Country: The Netherlands

Wind Walker   Elaine Cunningham
Escape from Undermountain   Mark Anthony
De dagdromer   Edmund Cooper

Hobbit or There and back again, The   J. R. R. Tolkien
Tigana   Guy Gavriel Kay
Cormyr: A Novel   Ed Greenwood
Jeff Grubb
Evermeet: Island of Elves   Elaine Cunningham
Elminster: The Making of a Mage   Ed Greenwood
Elminster in Myth Drannor   Ed Greenwood
Parched Sea, The   Troy Denning
Elminster in Hell   Ed Greenwood
Elfshadow   Elaine Cunningham
Red Magic   Jean Rabe
Ring of Winter, The   James Lowder
Elfsong   Elaine Cunningham
Crown of Fire   Ed Greenwood
Silver Shadows   Elaine Cunningham
Song of the Saurials   Jeff Grubb
Kate Novak
Thornhold   Elaine Cunningham
Daughter of the Drow   Elaine Cunningham
Servant of the Shard   R. A. Salvatore
Realms of the Deep   Lynn Abbey
Peter Archer
Richard Lee Byers
Elaine Cunningham
Troy Denning
Clayton Emery
Ed Greenwood
Larry Hobbs
Mel Odom
Thomas M. Reid
Steven Schend
Keith Francis Strohm
Homeland   R. A. Salvatore
Exile   R. A. Salvatore
Sojourn   R. A. Salvatore
Crystal Shard, The   R. A. Salvatore
Streams of Silver   R. A. Salvatore
Halfling's Gem, The   R. A. Salvatore
Legacy, The   R. A. Salvatore
Starless Night   R. A. Salvatore
Siege of Darkness   R. A. Salvatore
Passage to Dawn   R. A. Salvatore
Silent Blade, The   R. A. Salvatore
Spine of the World, The   R. A. Salvatore
Canticle   R. A. Salvatore
In Sylvan Shadows   R. A. Salvatore
Night Masks   R. A. Salvatore
Fallen Fortress, The   R. A. Salvatore
Chaos Curse, The   R. A. Salvatore
Shadowdale   Richard Awlinson
Tantras   Richard Awlinson
Waterdeep   Richard Awlinson
Spellfire   Ed Greenwood
Viperhand   Douglas Niles
King Pinch   David Cook
Prophet of Moonshae   Douglas Niles
Coral Kingdom, The   Douglas Niles
Druid Queen, The   Douglas Niles
Darkwalker on Moonshae   Douglas Niles
Black Wizards   Douglas Niles
Baldur's Gate   Philip Athans
Tangled Webs   Elaine Cunningham
Dream Spheres, The   Elaine Cunningham
Realms of the Underdark   Brian M. Thomsen
Mark Anthony
Ed Greenwood
Elaine Cunningham
Roger E. Moore
Realms of Magic   Brian M. Thomsen
R. A. Salvatore
Jeff Grubb
Mark Anthony
Christie Golden
Ed Greenwood
Dave Gross
Kate Novak
Douglas Niles
Alan C. Kupfer
David Cook
Jean Rabe
Mary H. Herbert
William W. Connors
Tom Dupree
J. Robert King
Roger E. Moore
Elaine Cunningham
Night Parade, The   Scott Ciencin
Temptation of Elminster, The   Ed Greenwood
Once Around The Realms   Brian M. Thomsen
Forgotten Realms Atlas, The   Karen Wynn Fonstad
Sea of Swords   R. A. Salvatore
Crypt of the Shadowking   Mark Anthony
Eye Of The World, The   Robert Jordan
Lord Of The Rings, The   J. R. R. Tolkien
Shadow Rising, The   Robert Jordan
Fires of Heaven, The   Robert Jordan
Elfsong   Elaine Cunningham
Masquerades   Kate Novak
Jeff Grubb
Curse of the Shadowmage   Mark Anthony
Silver Shadows   Elaine Cunningham
Stormlight   Ed Greenwood
Temple Hill   Drew Karpyshyn
City of Ravens, The   Richard Baker
Pool of Radiance - Ruins of Myth Drannor   Carrie Bebris
Realms of Valor   Douglas Niles
Ed Greenwood
Christie Golden
Elaine Cunningham
David Cook
Scott Ciencin
Mark Anthony
James Lowder
Jean Rabe
Troy Denning
R. A. Salvatore
Jeff Grubb
Sea of Silver Light (Otherland Volume Four)   Tad Williams
Mountain of Black Glass (Otherland Volume Three)   Tad Williams
River of Blue Fire (Otherland Volume Two)   Tad Williams
City of Golden Shadows (Otherland Volume One)   Tad Williams
Thousand Orcs, The   R. A. Salvatore
Characters From Tolkien   David Day
De Kinderen van Hamelen   Carmen Carter
Lone Drow, The   R. A. Salvatore
Cyclopedia of the Realms   Ed Greenwood
Jeff Grubb
Pattern Recognition   William Gibson
All Tomorrow's Parties   William Gibson
Idoru   William Gibson
Neuromancer   William Gibson
Machine Crusade (Dune), The   Brian Herbert
Kevin J. Anderson
House Atreides (Dune)   Brian Herbert
Kevin J. Anderson
Heretics of Dune   Frank Herbert
Chapter House Dune   Frank Herbert
Children of Dune   Frank Herbert
Dune   Frank Herbert
Dune   Frank Herbert
God Emperor of Dune   Frank Herbert
Meer dan menselijk   Theodore Sturgeon
Pirates of Venus   Edgar Rice Burroughs
Outlaws Of Mars, The   Otis Adelbert Kline
City of The Chasch (Planet of Adventure #1)   Jack Vance
Two Swords, The   R. A. Salvatore
Net Force - Hidden Agendas   Tom Clancy
Silverfall, Stories of the Seven Sisters   Ed Greenwood