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Soulforge, The
Soulforge, The
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Margaret Weis

published January 1999
by TSR, Inc.
ISBN: 0-7869-1314-2
category: General Fantasy
language: English
type: Paperback
added: 04 Sep 2002 13:25 by Stefan Koopmanschap
approved: 04 Sep 2002 13:26
rating: 5.00/5

A mage's soul is forged in the crucble of magic. Raistlin Majere is six years old when he is introduced to the archmage who enrolls him in a school for the study of magic. There the gifted and talented but tormented boy comes to see magic as his salvation. Mages in the magical Tower of High Sorcery watch him in secret, for they see shadows darkening over Raistlin even as the same shadows lengthen over all Ansalon. Finally, Raistlin draws near his goal of becoming a wizard. But first he must take the dread Test in the Tower of High Sorcery. It will change his life forever - if he survives.
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