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Silver Stallion, The
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James Branch Cabell

published 1971
by Tandem Fantasy
ISBN: 426055306
category: Humorous Fantasy
language: English
type: Paperback
added: 02 May 2006 8:53 by Stefan Koopmanschap
approved: 02 May 2006 8:57
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Nine Barons ruled Poictesme under their liege lord Count Manuel. But now Manuel has vanished mysteriously, the Fellowship is broken, and nine wandering adventurers set out to find their fates, fates as diverse, colourful and unusual as the champions themselves. There is Miramon the magicion, who gets into trouble with the manager of the universe by reviving a long-retired Divinity ... Gonfal, whose wooing of the Dark Queen of the Isles of Wonder has fateful results... Coth, who survives a few exhausting weeks in the harem of Queen Zelee ... Guivric the Sage, who put a little too much faith in the power of mind over matter ... Donander, who as the result of a celestial error found himself in the wrong Paradise, and takes full advantage of it and its inmates. The Silver Stallion is complete in itself, but is best read after Figures of Earth and before Jurgen. All three are published Tandom editions.
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