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Guardians of the West
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David Eddings

The Malloreon
published March 1988
by Del Rey
ISBN: 0345352661
category: Epic Fantasy
language: English
type: Paperback
added: 30 Aug 2005 15:37 by Stephen Griffin Jr
approved: 01 Sep 2005 8:08
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Eleven years have passed since Garion's killing of the evil God Torak and his marriage to Ce'Nedra. He is now Overlord of the West, slowly learning how to cope with the duties of a king and to overcome the difficulties within his marriage. When the Orb of Aldur warns Garion to 'Beware Zandramas!' the Voice of Prophecy reveals that somewhere in the unknown land of the East the Dark Prophecy still exists and that great new dangers threaten. While Belgarath and Garion seek to uncover the nature of his threat, Garion's baby son is kidnapped. All evidence points to the loathsome Bear-cult, which has gained power once more, and Garion leads an army bent on its destruction But there are even more sinister forces at work, and Garion and his followers must look towards the malign and mysterious evil of Zandramas. Their quest must begin again.
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