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First Rider's Call
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Kristen Britain

published August 2004
by DAW
ISBN: 0756401933
category: Epic Fantasy
language: English
type: Paperback
added: 27 Aug 2005 16:22 by Stephen Griffin Jr
approved: 30 Aug 2005 10:32
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When Karigan returned to Sacor City, she discovered the passage of time had not improved life for the Green Riders. She found them weakened and diminshed. Veteran Riders had been killed yet few new Riders had heard the call. Rider magic was becoming unreliable, and strangest of all, Karigan was having ghostly visions - visions of a strong woman with wild flowing hair and a blue and green plaid draped across her shoulder, pinned with a golden brooch. This woman was no stranger to Karigan nor would she have been to any Green Rider, for she was Lil Ambriodhe, First Rider, and founder of the Green Rider messenger service. But why was she appearing to Karigan? And how could Karigan seek the help of a woman who had been dead for a millennium?
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