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Castle Roogna
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Piers Anthony

published July 1979
by Del Rey
ISBN: 0345350480
category: General Fantasy
language: English
type: Paperback
added: 25 Aug 2005 19:58 by Stephen Griffin Jr
approved: 27 Aug 2005 12:21
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Millie had been a ghost for 800 years. But now, restored by the magic of Xanth, she was again a maddeningly desirable woman. She could have any man she wanted...except the one she did want, Jonathan the zombie. To grant Millie her desire, and to prove his right to rule Xanth in the future, young Magician Dor embarked on a quest for the elixir which would restore Jonathan to full life. But the potion could only be found in the, through a magic tapestry, to the past he went, taking over the body of a barbarian warrior. The first person he encountered there was Jumper, a giant spider - a nightmare monster, but a staunch friend and much-needed ally in peril-haunted, ancient Xanth. Then Dor met Millie - 800 years younger, but just as lovley. And he realized that, in his new body, he was no longer twelve years old...
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