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Time Of The Dark, The
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Barbara Hambly

The Darwath Trilogy
published May 1982
by Del Rey
ISBN: 0345319656
category: General Fantasy
language: English
type: Paperback
added: 23 Aug 2005 9:37 by Stephen Griffin Jr
approved: 23 Aug 2005 9:38
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Spawn Of Darkness Night after night, Gil found herself dreaming of an impossible city where alien horrors swarmed from underground lairs of darkness to destroy mankind and all the works of men. But when the wizard Ingold Inglorion crossed the Void to ask sanctuary for the last Prince of Dar, he learned her dreams had been true visions of a strange reality. On Ingold's world, the monstrous Dark had been mere legends for 3,00 years. But now, for unknown reasons, they were ravening savagely across the land, and there was no escape from their foul powers and insatiable hungers. Attempting to help Ingold, Gil and Rudy, a young drifter, were drawn into the nightmare world of the Dark. There they had to remain-unless they could solve the mystery of the Dark. Then, before the could realize their true fate, the Dark struck!
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