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Artifact of Evil
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Gary Gygax

published 1986
by TSR, Inc.
ISBN: 0*88038-279-1
category: General Fantasy
language: English
type: Paperback
added: 12 Aug 2005 22:33 by Leroy Davis
approved: 20 Aug 2005 11:51
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Oerth... to some, a cherished homeland. to others, a target of domination. When the Artifact of Evil is unearthed from its ancient hiding place,it becomes the object of a battle between the forces of good and evil. At stake is the fate of the entire world of Oerth-and the lives of those who would preserve and protect the forces of Good. During a quest that spans the breadth of a continent,the young thief Gord and his comrades must confront and conquer the warriors and wizards who stand in their way,in an attempt to keep the Artifact from falling into the hands of those who would use it to gain world domination. Gord is forced to use all of his skills and powers-and even as considerable as they are,will they be enough to keep the unthinkable from occurring? Artifact of Evil is the sequel to Saga of the Old City,the first of GREYHAWK ADVENTURE novels. Its author,Gary Gygax,is the designer of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game system and the creator of the World of GERYHAWK Fantasy Game.
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