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Covenant of the Forge, The
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Dan Parkinson

published February 1993
by TSR, Inc.
ISBN: 1-56076-558-5
category: General Fantasy
language: English
type: Paperback
added: 29 Jul 2005 22:55 by Leroy Davis
approved: 02 Aug 2005 2:24
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An old dwarven chieftain,Colin Stonetooth,leads a tribe of Hylar in a migration across Ansalon,pursuing a vision of a new home. Hordes of dangerous outsiders,fleeing the Dragon Wars,are sweeping the countryside. Evil magic,strange knights,precocious kender,too,abound. In the Kharolis Mountains,in the Kal Thax,the Hylar come upon squabbling dwarven clans and knit them into the new nation of thorbardin. But a Theiwar assassin precipitates a civil war,a curse is fulfilled,and a child is born destined to become the Father of Kings. The Covenant of the Forge is the first book in the Dwarven Nations Trilogy
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