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Spine of the World, The
Spine of the World, The
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R. A. Salvatore

Forgotten Realms
published June 2000
by Wizards of the Coast
ISBN: 0-7869-1404-1
category: General Fantasy
language: English
type: Paperback
added: 06 Jul 2002 14:00 by Stefan Koopmanschap
approved: 06 Jul 2002 14:00
rating: 4.00/5

The Road to Redemption Even the brutal streets of a treacherous city can't hide a tortured soul forever. The barbarian Wulfgar sets upon a dangerous path toward redemption when an old friend finds him in the city of Luskan. Wulfgar's journey twists up the windswept peaks of the Spine of the World. He will persevere, for at the end lies his most priced possession - the life he thought he'd lost forever.
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Most recent rating
Rating: 4/5
I found this book a great read. Like the rest of Salvatores books, this one also left me just waiting for more.
by Ken on 19-11-2004 21:24