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R. A. Salvatore

Forgotten Realms
published 1990
by TSR, Inc.
ISBN: 0-88038-905-2
category: General Fantasy
language: English
type: Paperback
added: 06 Jul 2002 13:10 by Stefan Koopmanschap
approved: 06 Jul 2002 13:10
rating: 5.00/5

Travel back to strange and exotic Menzoberranzan, the vast city of the drow and homeland to Icewind Dale hero Drizzt Do'Urden. The young prince of a royal house, Drizzt grows to maturity in the vile world of his dark kin. Possessing honor beyond the scope of his unprincipled society, young Drizzt faces an inevitable dilemma. Can he live in a world that rejects integrity? Homeland is R. A. Salvatore's first book in The Dark Elf Trilogy, set in the Forgotten RealmsŪ fantasy world from TSR, Inc.
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Most recent ratings
Rating: 5/5
I love really any thing that Salvatore writes and this is one of my very favorites.
by Michael on 31-10-2003 11:28

Rating: 5/5
great book very well writen
by chris on 13-07-2003 22:06