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Sea of Silver Light (Otherland Volume Four)
Sea of Silver Light (Otherland Volume Four)
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Tad Williams

published 2001
by Orbit
ISBN: 1-84149-064-4
category: General Science Fiction
language: English
type: Paperback
added: 05 Jun 2003 4:49 by Stefan Koopmanschap
approved: 05 Jun 2003 4:50
rating: 5.00/5

The spectacular conclusion to the classic Otherland series. Otherland is out of control. Fleeing through broken realities, a small band of adventurers struggle to avert the nightmare that Otherland could become. The only hope may lie in an alliance with their enemy. But time is running out - and Otherland's most terrifying secret is yet to be revealed.
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Rating: 5/5
by Amy Elizabeth on 17-10-2005 11:31