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Storm Breaking
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Mercedes Lackey

published October 1997
by DAW
ISBN: 0886777550
category: Heroic Fantasy
language: English
type: Paperback
added: 04 Mar 2003 17:41 by Eric Steel
approved: 05 Mar 2003 4:04
rating: 4.00/5

The destruction of the ancient magical source of the mage storms by the combined forces of Valdemar and Karse has alleviated great peril to all the kingdoms of the West. But its annihilation is not without a heavy price, for it has permanently altered the laws of magic throughout the land. Can the kingdoms of the West gather their forces to learn a new system of magic in time to counter a devastating assault from the Eastern Empire--the most powerful enemy they have ever faced?. (
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Rating: 4/5
by Eric Steel on 05-03-2003 17:46