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Oath and The Measure, The
Oath and The Measure, The
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Michael Williams

published May 1992
by TSR, Inc.
ISBN: 1-56076-336-1
category: General Fantasy
language: English
type: Paperback
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Secrets of the past. Although Raistlin and Caramon urge him not to go, Sturm Brightblade attends an annual Solamnic ceremony that is interrupted by ... A stranger, taunting challenge. Clues from the past. Death. Once he accepts a mysterious gauntlet, young Sturm must make a dangerous journey with some curious friends, rescue a fair if querulous maid, defeat a traitor knight, and learn the secret fate of his long-lost father. He must also learn the meaning of honor. The fourth installment in the popular Meetings Sextet tells the story of Sturm Brightblade, the noble Solamnic Knight, in the years before Sturm joined up with the other companions of the best-selling Dragonlance series.
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