Drew Karpyshyn
Drew spent many years of his early adult life wandering the occupational wastelands of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. This mundane existence was characterized by employment in a variety of menial and servile professions, ranging from furniture mover to loan officer. However, thanks to the support (both financial and emotional) of his loving and ever-patient wife Jennifer, Drew managed to escape into the surreal realm of academia. Several years later, armed with a degree in English, he emerged to take to the job market of the real world yet again. Then something strange happened. For reasons inexplicable and unknown, BioWare Corporation and Wizards of the Coast both thought he was not without promise, and Drew now enjoys a dual career as a designer of (so far) critically acclaimed video games and the author of (hopefully) best-selling novels. His reatest fear is that one day he will wake up.

Book by this author

Temple Hill
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