Troy Denning
Troy Denning was raised in a small Rocky Mountain town. Because the television reception was lousy and the movie theater opened only for special occasions, he devoted himself to ski jumping and reading fantasy fiction. He left Colorado to attend Wisconsin's Beloit College where each dormitory had a cable TV and the movie theaters were open every night. While at Beloit, he also studied English Composition, Sociology and played offensive guard on the football team. After earning his B.A. in 1981, Troy enjoyed brief interludes working in a hardrock mine and as a nightclub bouncer before becoming a game editor for TSR, Inc. Since then, he has been an editor, game designer, writer and creative manager for such companies as Pacesetter, Ltd. and TSR, Inc. He hs written or designed over thirty role-playing accessories, games and game books.

Books by this author

Parched Sea, The
Realms of the Deep
Realms of Valor
Beyond The High Road
Death Of a Dragon
Realms of Infamy
Verdant Passage, The
Crimson Legion, The
Amber Enchantress, The
Obsidian Oracle, The
Cerulean Storm, The
Faces of Deception
Crucible:The Trial of Cyric the Mad
Titan of Twilight, The
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