Jeff Grubb
The historian of Dominaria, beginning with the acclaimed The Brothers' War and continuing through the Ice Age with The Gathering Dark, The Eternal Ice, and now The Shattred Alliance. In addition to his definitive work in the world of Magic: The Gathering, he is one of the founders of Faerūn (the Forgotten Realms) and Krynn (Dragonlance) and can be often found wreaking havoc in those worlds as well. Jeff Grubb is currently working and living in the Seattle area, where he is mapping out the varied planes of existence as his day job. He is kept sane in these matters by his wife and oft-times cowriter Kate Novak and by his three cats. He doesn't regret any of his alliances.

Books by this author

Cormyr: A Novel
Song of the Saurials
Realms of Valor
Realms of Magic
Realms of Mystery
Cyclopedia of the Realms
Brothers' War, The
Gathering Dark, The
Eternal Ice, The
Shattered Alliance, The
Colors of Magic, The
Finder's Bane
Azure Bonds
Wyvern's Spur, The
Dragons of Krynn, The
Dragons of Chaos, The
War of the Lance, The
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