Ed Greenwood
Born in 1959, in what is now Toronto, Ed Greenwood is an avid fantasy and science fiction writer, collector, and reader, whose main claim to fame is his creation The Forgotten Realms® (arguably the largest and most detailed fantasy world-setting ever created). Ed is an award-winning gamer (Best Player, 1984 GenCon® AD&D® Open tournament), writer, and game designer (his fantasy supplements have won several ORIGINSª and Gamer's Choice™ awards, and in 1992, he was elected to the Gamer's Choice Hall of Fame). His writings have sold millions of copies worldwide, in over a dozen languages. He has been a Guest of Honour at over two dozen conventions, from Stockholm, Sweden to Melbourne, Australia (often appearing in costume as Elminster the Sage), and has been editor, co-editor, or contributing editor of the yearbook Orbit, the literary magazines IBID and White Wall Review, and DRAGON® Magazine. Ed has been a columnist for The Campaign Hack (Canada's longest-running gaming magazine), the independent gaming magazine Cryptych, and POLYHEDRON¨® Newszine, published by the Role-Playing Gamers' Association® (of which he is a Charter Lifetime Member). Realms fans are advised to check out the "Elminster's Everwinking Eye" pages in most 'POLY' issues for Realmslore not to be found elsewhere. DRAGON® Magazine readers eagerly await each new (irregular) installment of two popular Ed Greenwood series: "Pages From The Mages" and "The Wizards Three," and his monthly columns, "The New Adventures of Volo," which recently succeeded his long-running "Wyrms of the North." His series detailing The Nine Hells (issues #75, 76, and 91) were the most popular DRAGON® Magazine articles of all time; the issues containing them (and #62, which contained his first "Pages" article) command premium prices at collectors' auctions. Ed had three pieces in the anniversary issue #200 of DRAGON®, more than any other author, and has published over two hundred articles and short stories in its pages. He co-produced the popular "Elminster's Notebook" DRAGON® column with artist Gary Williams. Ed has been writing about the Realms since the winter of 1967-68. When the Dungeons & Dragons® (later Advanced Dungeons & Dragons®) games appeared, he recast the Realms in game format-and from 1987 to date, a flood of Forgotten Realms® products have been published by TSR, Inc. From their first 'game' appearance (a DRAGON¨ Magazine article in issue #30, "The Curst"), the Realms have grown into TSR's best-selling product line, with copy sales in the tens of millions. Ed has contributed material to every TSR roleplaying game; his works include The Ruins of Undermountain and The Ruins of Myth Drannor "super-dungeon" boxed sets; the groundbreaking FR1/Waterdeep And The North; FOR2 /Drow of the Underdark, FOR4/Code of the Harpers, The Seven Sisters, and the "fantasy travelbooks" Volo's Guide To Waterdeep, Volo's Guide to the North, Volo's Guide to the Sword Coast, Volo's Guide to Cormyr, and Volo's Guide to the Dalelands. Ed has also co-written a series of successes, including the Forgotten Realms® Adventures hardcover sourcebook, the award-winning REF5/Lords of Darkness, and the "monster boxed set" Menzoberranzan. His fiction for TSR, Inc. includes nine published novels, as many short stories, and several collaborative novels. Computer game enthusiasts will find Ed's short story "Moonrise Over Myth Drannor" in the Myth Drannor™ Forgotten Realms® computer game from SSI, Inc., and his lore was used in over a dozen SSI games and the bestselling Baldur's Gate, Tales of the Sword Coast, and Baldur's Gate II games and supplements from Interplay/Black Isle/BioWare. Almost all of the Forgotten Realms® game and fiction products, from comics (from TSR, Inc. and two long-running series published by DC Comics, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons® and Forgotten Realms®; Ed appeared as himself in three issues) to computer games, are based on Ed's suggestions and lore-notes-and he has been a 'behind-the-scenes consultant' on the Manual of the Planes and many other TSR, Inc. releases. Ed's novels regularly climb the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Locus bestseller lists, and the Waldenbooks bookstore chain reported that his novel Crown of Fire was its top-selling game-related publication of 1994. His first hardcover novel, Elminster: The Making of a Mage, came to bookstores on Boxing Day in 1994, and sold out almost all of its 75,000-copy print run before New Year's Day! Ed grew up in North York, Ontario (Canada), holds a Bachelor of Applied Arts degree (Honours: Journalism) from Ryerson Polytechnic University, and lives on a farm near Cobourg, Ontario -- with (among other things), well over 40,000 books. He works as a library clerk, writer, editor, game designer, and columnist...

Books by this author

Cormyr: A Novel
Elminster: The Making of a Mage
Elminster in Myth Drannor
Elminster in Hell
Crown of Fire
Realms of the Deep
Realms of the Underdark
Realms of Valor
Realms of Magic
Temptation of Elminster, The
Death Of a Dragon
Realms of Infamy
Realms of Mystery
Cyclopedia of the Realms
Silverfall Stories of the Seven Sisters
Silverfall, Stories of the Seven Sisters
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