Don Perrin
Don Perrin is a displaced Canadian now living in Williams Bay, Wisconsin as Vice President of Operations with Mag Force 7, Inc. Along with his life partner Margaret Weis, he is writing a series of novels in the Mag Force 7 series, the first hitting the shelf in April 1995. His love is games of all sorts, and now has two successful collectible game designs to his credit with Star of the Guardians Collectible Trading Card Game and Wing Commander® Collectible Trading Card Game. Don was born on the first day of October, 1964 in the city of Iserlohn in the Republic of Germany. While serving as a Regular Army Officer, Corps of Electrical & Mechanical Engineers, in the Canadian Department of National Defence from June 1983 to June 1992, he managed to get a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Physics from the Royal Military College of Canada in 1987. After his discharge from active duty, he served as a Reserve Army Officer in the 30th Field Artillery Regiment (The Bytown Gunners), of the Royal Canadian Artillery, while working at the Systems Engineering Division in Ottawa as well as holding down the position of Director of Electronic Warfare Software Development for Software Kinetics Limited. His novels include Knights of the Black Earth, a science fiction novel set in the Star of the Guardians universe, co-authored with Margaret Weis, and Robot Blues, the second science fiction novel set in Knight of the Black Earth universe, also co-authored with Margaret Weis. Short stories include "First Dragon Army Bridge Building Company" in The Dragons of Krynn short story collection, "War Diary of Lord Ariaken" in an upcoming novel by Tracy Hickman & Margaret Weis, Dragons of Summer Flame, Chronicles IV, and "Island of the Brutes" in The History of Dragonlance collection.

Books by this author

Brothers in Arms
Doom Brigade, The
Heroes and Fools
Colors of Magic, The
Theros Ironfeld
Robot Blues
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