Margaret Weis
Margaret Weis was born and raised in Independence, Missouri. She attended the University of Missouri, Columbia, graduating in 1970 with a BA in creative writing. Weis worked for almost thirteen years at Herald Publishing House in Independence, where she started as a proof-reader, ending as editorial director of the trade press division. Her first book, a biography of Frank and Jesse James, was published in 1981. In 1983, she moved to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, to take a job as book editor at TSR, Inc. At TSR, Weis became part of the Dragonlance design team. Originated by Tracy Hickman, Dragonlance revolutionized the role-playing industry, introducing such innovative techniques as pre-generated characters, a story line running through numerous game modules, and adult novels that were a direct tie-in with the game. Already-published works include the enormously popular Dragonlance series, which has sold over twelve million copies, the Rose of the Prophet series of Arabian fantasy novels (with Tracy H.) and her own series, a galactic fantasy entitled Star of the Guardian, already in its fifth printing. Weis and Hickman completed the Death Gate Cycle with the final book, The Seventh Gate, published in August, 1994. "We've said all we want to say about these worlds. What happens next in the lives of the characters happens in our imaginations, and I hope, in yours!" Weis writes. Weis was president and owner of Mag Force 7, a company which designed and produced collectible trading card games. The name derived from The Magnificent Seven, one of Weis's favorite movies, and also from the name of the mercenary team in Knights of the Black Earth, by Weis and co-author (and vice president of Mag Force 7) Don Perrin. Weis is now CEO of Sovereign Press. She and Perrin are currently working on the new Sovereign Stone project, bringing to life a fantasy world created by famed artist Larry Elmore. Weis and Hickman are writing the Sovereign Stone novels and Perrin is in charge of publishing the RPG, which is being written by such famous game designers as Doug Niles, Jeff Grubb, Dave "Zeb" Cook, Lester Smith, Jean Rabe and more! The Sovereign Stone website can be found at Sovereign Press is also pleased to announce that they have just received the license to produce the Dragonlance D20 Roleplaying Game from Wizards of the Coast. The first game books are due out in Summer, 2003. For future projects, Weis has recently signed a six-figure deal with TOR books for a series known as Dragonvaald, with the first book, Mistress of Dragons, scheduled for publication in 2003. Movie and television deals are being pursued on several of her works. Weis and Perrin live in a converted barn in Wisconsin with three dogs: Sasha, a black lab; Kelly, a collie, and Tess, a border collie and three cats, Nicolai Mouseslayer, Motley Tatters and Shiva, Destroyer of Nations.

Books by this author

Dragons at War (Dragonlance Dragons, Vol. 2)
Dragons of Autumn Twilight
Dragons of Winter Night
Dragons of Spring Dawning
Dragons of Summer Flame
Soulforge, The
Brothers in Arms
Time of the Twins
War of the Twins
Test of the Twins
Tales (The Magic of Krynn / Kender, Gully Dwarves and Gnomes / Love and War)
Chronicles (Dragons of Autumn Twilight / Dragons of Winter Night / Dragons of Spring Dawning)
Annotated Chronicles, The
More Leaves from the Inn of the Last Home
Reign of Istar, The
Doom Brigade, The
Heroes and Fools
Relics And Omens
Dragon Wing
Elven Star
Fire Sea
Serpent Mage
Hand of Chaos, The
Into The Labyrinth
Seventh Gate, The
Magic of Krynn, The
Kender,Gully Dwarves,and Gnomes
Love and War
War of the Lance, The
Dragons of the Fallen Sun
Forging the Darksword
Doom of the Darksword
Legacy of the Darksword
Dragons of a Lost Star
Dragons of a Vanished Moon
Robot Blues
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