Allan Cole
Allan Cole is a bestselling author, screenwriter, and former prize-winning newsman who brings a rich background in travel and personal experience to his imaginative work. Raised in Europe and the Far East, Cole attended thirty-two schools, visited or lived in as many countries, and from an early age made a point of observing everything very closely for future reference. He recalls hearing The Tempest for the first time as a child sitting on an ancient wall in Cyprus--the island Shakespeare had in mind when he wrote the play. Rejecting invitations to become a CIA operative like his father, Cole became an award-winning reporter and newspaper editor who dealt with everything from landmark murder cases to thieving government officials. Since that time he's written fifteen novels, many of which have become international bestsellers, as well as numerous screen and television dramas. He currently lives on a ranch in Elephant Butte, New Mexico, with Kathryn, his strongest supporter, and "Squeak" the cat who rules writer elves.

Book by this author

Wizard of the Winds
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