Louise Cooper
Louise Cooper was born in Hertfordshire in 1952. She began writing stories when she was at school to entertain her friends. She hated school so much, in fact -- spending most lessons clandestinely writing stories -- that she persuaded her parents to let her abandon her education at the age of fifteen and has never regretted it. She continued to write and her first full-length novel was published when she was only twenty years old. She moved to London in 1975 and worked in publishing before becoming a full-time writer in 1977. Since then she has become a prolific writer of fantasy, renowned for her bestselling Time Master trilogy. She has published more than twenty fantasy novels, both for adults and children, and has ideas for many more to come. She also writes occaisonal short stories and poetry for her own pleasure. Louise Cooper lives in an area sandwiched between the Cotswolds and the Malverns and gains a great deal of inspiration from the scenery. Her other interests include music, folklore, mythology and comparative religion. She is also potty about cats and steam trains!

Books by this author

Initiate, The
Outcast, The
Master, The
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