Douglas Niles
Douglas Niles prefers to avoid the use of his nickname, which is "The Handsome One." In fact, that is typical of the humility and modesty that are the trademarks of this exceptionally talented author who is remarkable in just about every respect. Another example: he graciously pays his own tab at Alliterates meetings, even though the other members would be more than willing to cover his expenses merely in exchange for the pleasure of his scintillating conversation and rapier-like wit. Niles is the kind of writer who likes extra cheese on his pizza. As the most mature of the Alliterates, he has tried to set an example for the younger fellows, frequently drawing on his long years of life experiences. For example, the beer glass (frosted, of course) is to be canted at a slight angle while the amber beverage is poured gently down the inclined interior surface. The other members of the group, unfortunately, are not always apt pupils -- indeed, Niles has lost count of the times that this particular lesson has needed to be repeated. A former high school teacher, Doug Niles left that profession in 1982 to begin designing adventure games. His designs have won the prestigious HG Wells and Origins awards in multiple categories, and include dozens of military simulations, miniatures rules, and role-playing games. His favorite works include the huge ETO/PTO game (an operational/strategic simulation of World War II) and Red Storm Rising, a game based on the best-selling Tom Clancy novel. He has also written more products than any other designer for the tremendously successful Dragonlance game series from TSR Inc. But his real love is telling stories, and during his years at TSR he found the opportunity to start writing novels. In 1990 that became his full-time profession, one he sincerely hopes will keep him busy well into the next century. His twenty-five published novels include the Watershed trilogy (from Ace fantasy), the Moonshae trilogy, and many Dragonlance novels (from TSR, Inc). Co-authoring with Michael Dobson, he has just finished up an epic novel of WW2 alternate history called Fox on the Rhine. That book is due to be published next year, in hardcover, by TOR. He is the only Alliterate who is a lifelong Wisconsin resident (though perhaps it should be noted that Steve's only geographical shortcoming was being born on the wrong bank of the Mississippi River). One may vicariously sample just a bit of Douglas Niles' reality by placing a large wedge of cheese (real, not foam) on one's head and then shouting "Go Pack!" at unpredictable intervals. It doesn't have to be football season for this to work.

Books by this author

Prophet of Moonshae
Coral Kingdom, The
Druid Queen, The
Darkwalker on Moonshae
Black Wizards
Realms of Valor
Realms of Magic
Reign of Istar, The
Feathered Dragon
Puppet King, The
Emperor Of Ansalon
Flint the King(Preludes 2 vol 2)
Cataclysm, The
War of the Lance, The
Kinslayer Wars, The
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