Barbara Hambly
At various times in her life, Barbara Hambly has been a high-school teacher, a model, a waitress, a technical editor, a professional graduate student, an all-night clerk at a liquor store, and a karate instructor. Born in San Diego, she grew up in Southern California, with the exception of one high-school semester spent in New South Wales, Australia. Her interest in fantasy began with reading the Wizard of Oz at an early age and has continued ever since. She attended the University of Californla, Riverside, specializing in medieval history. In connection with this, she spent a year at the University of Bordeaux in the south of France and worked as a teaching assistant at UC Riverside, eventually earning a Master's Degree in the subject. At the university, she also became involved in karate, making Black Belt in 1978 and competeing in several national-level tournaments. Her books include: The Ladies Of Mandrigyn; The Silent Tower; THE DARWATH TRILOGY: Time of the Dark, The Walls of Air; and The Armies of Daylight; and a historical whodunit, The Quirinal Hill Affair, set in ancient Rome.

Books by this author

Ladies Of Mandrigyn, The
Witches Of Wenshar, The
Dark Hand Of Magic, The
Time Of The Dark, The
Walls Of Air, The
Armies Of Daylight, The
Rainbow Abyss, The
Magicians of Night, The
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