Ru Emerson
Ru Emerson was raised in Butte,Montana,spent entirely too many years in the more "colorful" neighborhoods of Los Angeles,Hollywood,and Venice Beach. She now lives in rural Oregon with her husband,Doug,a daughter Roberta,cats,dogs,a few pigeons and rabbits--a herd of deer,two red-tail hawks,and a pair of spotted owls. She is the author of twenty novels,including the Nedao trilogy,the six-volume Night-Threads series,media tie-in novels based on Xena: Warrior Princess,and (as Roberta Cray) The Sword and the Lion. When not writing,Emerson rides a moutain bike,flies stunt kites at the beach,lifts weights,quilts,acts,and sings light opera with a Gilbert & Sullivan company.

Book by this author

Against the Giants
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